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Common problem

Common problem
Trend 1: The digital transformation of DEFI insurance is accelerating. The digital economy has become a new engine of development. GT insurance company actively cultivates digital capabilities, uses technological innovation as the fulcrum, integrates products, marketing, services, risk control and other links, empowers smart insurance, builds a new insurance ecosystem, and promotes customer business transformation upgrade.

Trend 2: DEFI insurance digitization has become a strategic base. "Digital insurance" has changed from the original emerging concept to the core competitiveness of the industry. Digital transformation has become the first choice or key investment development direction in the strategic decision-making of insurance companies.

Trend 3: DEFI insurance widens the gap in the industry. In the ever-changing market competition in the digital transformation of the insurance industry, the industry gap is further widened by mastering more advanced blockchain technology and deFI.NFT.

Trend 4: Differentiated transformation path becomes inevitable. With the deepening of the digital transformation of .DEFI insurance, the traditional transformation path is fiercely competing for a long time. Blockchain technology and deFI.NFT have embarked on a unique transformation path

Common problem
What is DEFI insurance?
DEFI is the abbreviation of decentralized finance. DEFI insurance is part of the basic function.
What is a super node,
A node is a type of P2P that transmits data through each user's larger broadband high-speed computer.
What is an insurance digital shareholder?
Joining Owning GBIT is the same as owning stocks, sharing the benefits of appreciation,
1. How do I trade BG?
Although GB has a redemption system in DAPP, it is 100% cashed out,
2, NFT digital insurance policy, although transfer transactions in the global market,
What is an NFT insurance policy?
When a user purchases an insurance policy, the blockchain public chain generates a block NFT insurance policy,
What is the difference between NFT insurance policies and other insurance policies?
NFT: Non-fungible token refers to a unique type of digital asset, the ownership of these assets is circulated on the blockchain.
Why does GBIT rise unilaterally?
A total of 30000000.00 pieces are issued. According to each transaction, the GT formula has a scientific algorithm, and the transaction generates a price.
What wallet to use?
Digital wallet,Imtoken.Tokenpocket
What currency is cleared, EOS.USDT
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